Mark and Chris combine diverse talents and trusted experiences in manufacturing, branding, architecture and urban planning. Together they create a formidable leadership team to transform the way we build.



Let’s commoditize CLT, so sustainable, carbon zero developments sprout efficient economic development in cities. Let’s have developments espouse creativity, health, a natural life that merges with what is important to people who need to inhabit the cities. CLT is a branded building mindset. It belongs everywhere and everywhere it grows so too will the common sense that building with wood is not just a great idea but an imperative of the good life itself.

Mark and Chris combine extreme talents and trusted experiences in manufacturing, branding, architecture and urban planning and together constitute formidable leadership team for a business called TMBER. TMBER exists to proliferate the use of CLT to a discernible global mass market so the myriad of building projects have immediate access to the option of building with wood. Such options will be made compelling in design, and will be a smart economic decision backed by incentives produced by governments.

TMBER includes divisions in supply chain logistics, engineering, architecture, interior design, urban planning and client management to ensure CLT integration is seamless as it is innovative.who



Mark (CEO) is a Canadian marketing, strategy and branding professional, with vast manufacturing and, supply chain expertise with complex global programs with major retail. Mark has directed the development and access to North America markets to large enterprises like, L’Occitane, Redwood Publishing (Omnicom) and was retained to direct international private banking operation for Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank in Israel. Mark’s remarkable track record is in identifying businesses, developing growth strategy and achieving great upside for stake-holders. His associations with direct import businesses in Canada include major corporations like, Loblaw Companies, Canadian Tire Corporation, London Drug, Umbra Inc., JCPenney, Bed Bath and Beyond.

Mark’s sees TMBER as a world brand for feel and look good sustainable building solutions for people who care about the integrity of their environment.who


Chris (CDO) is an internationally award winning Austrian architect currently operating in Beijing, China and founding partner of penda, awarded “Chinese Architecture Office of year”. Chris’ developments express the need to incorporate nature, ecological materials and adaptability into projects that demonstrate incredible innovation and forethought. Chris has accomplished major projects including residential high-rises in India, hotels and bridges in China and major installations for retail and expositions around the globe. Chris is the recipient of the “Emergent Firm of the Year” 2016 Award in NY at Architizer’s A+Award“, also known as the Oscars of Architecture.

Chris sees TMBER as the opportunity to make a positive and lasting contribution to the integrity of building and the enhanced effect on how people feel about themselves and their environment.who

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