TMBER delivers ecological building solutions with CLT for a global market.


With world population set to top ten billion by 2050 and a 75 percent living in cities, vertical farming can be a key enabler to nourish an increasingly urbanized society. Besides allowing farming to be transformed vertically imagine how many green spaces can be created out of unnecessary farming. The other end of the vertical green space is allowing sophisticated tenants to enjoy organic food options grown outside, or just an elaborate garden on the 18th floorWHAT


CLT is a great material to manufacturer residential units off-site and assemble on site.,. This provides less waste and a precise, high-detailed manufacturing process. It also decreases the time required or energy used on-site. The key to inspired modular projects is their connection to nature. Like Habitat in Montreal 50 years ago, a connection is established not only in function but in meaning to the surroundings. TMBER envisages mid and high-rise developments as tall gardens that provide inhabitants nature in and outside of a living space. The members of such a “habitat” are connected to a sense of community which becomes a source of pride and privilege besides a wonderful connection to the changing cityscape.WHAT


The concept for a tall structure introduces a democratic process of construction. Developers typically construct new buildings and sell space to residents. Is it possible to think about the process of selling an apartment in a more innovative fashion? Is it possible to rethink the process of selling a product, rather than just space itself?

This project is very much inspired by the car-industry and how cars are sold in various configurations. Once the buyers decide on the model of the car, they choose extras like leather seats or a navigation system. Living spaces can also be a comfortable basic package or an elaborate and trendy space complete with higher end planters, terraces, louvers, security systems, vertical garden units which are all uniquely designed as a plug-and-play.WHAT


Tall Buildings made out of wood are not a new concept. In Japan and China, some wooden structures are older than 1000 years, up to 19 floors tall and withstood earthquakes, wars and other disasters throughout the years.
Recent innovation in wood manufacturing puts the material at the forefront for tall buildings again and makes it a competitive system compared to concrete and steel. Building with CLT and mass timber is changing the scale of the previous possible around the globe and building codes are adapting fast . Interior structural walls minimize the flexibility for the layout of the floor-plan, which can increase open space expanses by 10%.
To achieve open floor plans TMBER is researching and developing oversized wood arches. Exterior load bearing, wood walls increase the performance of the structural system. This hybrid structure allows for more openness and sunlight into the interior spaces along with all with all the benefits of a wooden interior.WHAT


The refugee crisis in Europe has taught the building industry some major lessons about the need for rapid housing solutions. It is time for easy to deliver and construct spaces, which are on-demand,even reusable and built fast and efficiently. Three TMBER panels make a triangle and the options for urgent housing becomes very functional. All modules are built with TMBER connectivity and are extendable in every direction and stackable in height, which also allows larger, connecting structure possibilities.

The system is not limited to shelters, but can be used for adaptable residential units, like affordable options for students as proof of the undeniable trend for flexible housing.WHAT


We believe that in present times a sustainable way of construction is more valuable than ever. The current state of irresponsible city planning, air-pollution and economic crisis asks the architecture profession to rethink the process of building. The use of natural materials like Bamboo and connecting it in a smart, modular system, gives the structure the freedom to grow in every direction. By adding and connecting new bamboo canes, the structure grows and becomes a stronger system that is able to take on more loads to the building.WHAT

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