Some Safety Equipment for Welders

Some Safety Equipment for Welders

Electric shock, smoke, gas poisoning, fire, explosion, burns caused by exposure to hot metals, exposure to ultraviolet rays, noise and some other causes … are the dangerous accidents that welding workers often have. face to face.

Therefore, protective equipment plays a very important role in the working process of workers. Some safety equipment for the welder  should have sufficient, including: welding hat, protective clothing, gloves, shoes.

1. Welding cap protects the head

Protective welding caps are indispensable protective equipment for welding workers. The welding cap will protect against ultraviolet rays, infrared rays on the eyes and skin of the face, protecting from molten solder splashes.

To facilitate the working process, the welding cap needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Welding caps need to be light to avoid fatigue during long welding.
  • Welding hats should be equipped with protective goggles suitable for each welding job, protecting eyes from dangerous rays, weld pools and arc currents clearly visible.
  • The lower part of the welding cap in contact with the chest is tight to avoid the ultraviolet radiation reflected from the clothes damaging the lower chin area.
  • For MIG welding, arc welding because it generates a lot of splatter slag, the welding cap needs to protect the back of the neck, avoiding burning hair due to molten slag splashes on the back of the neck. Welding workers can retrofit headscarves.

2. Protective clothing

Just like welding caps, clothing and equipment for limbs should also meet protection requirements, and ensure comfort for the welder.


Materials for clothing, gloves, shoes, welding hats must be made of non-combustible materials. Do not use synthetic fiber materials as it easily melts when shot by hot solder slag. Flammable materials or leather furnishings must be used. Leather material is always the best choice to protect workers from fire-causing agents during welding.

However, depending on the different working environment, wear appropriate protective clothing. If working in a hot environment, wear flame-retardant items instead of leather and vice versa.

Take care when protecting hands because this area is the place in the closest contact with the welding arc. Moderate welding gloves ensure safety and ensure correct welding rod operation, so it is necessary to design a fit.

The welding process generates less heat and slag like TIG welding can use thin welding gloves and thick gloves for arc welding and MIG welding.

Protective shoes and pants

Protective pants and shoes also need to provide dual protection in terms of protection and ease of operation. Besides, protective pants should not have belts, protective shoes should be high neck or pants should cover the ankle. In some cases when TIG welding, the welder may only need to equip a leather apron to cover the legs.

It is the subjectivity in the working process, welders often do not care about protective equipment. It is therefore easy to cause an accident which can cause serious consequences. So learn the habit of wearing protective gear when participating in the welding process to avoid unfortunate accidents.

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