Greyhound hilariously walks around in handstand position to avoid wet grass

Nelli the Italian Greyhound doesn’t like to get her paws wet, and has learned to walk on just her two front paws to avoid the soaking grass in her garden

A dramatic Italian greyhound has had TikTok users in stitches over the bizarre way they react to wet grass.

The sassy dog, called Nelli, will avoid touching the damp ground in such an unusual way, it’s been suggested that she join the Olympics gymnastic team.

The Iggy’s owner, Alyssa Barraclough, aged 19, shared a clip of her pup on TikTok and said: “So my dog hates wet grass and this is how she avoids it.”

The following clip caught Nelli in the garden walking on her two front legs to avoid getting her back paws wet.

But it wasn’t just for a second – the miniature greyhound walked two or three metres like a circus performer across the grass, only placing her hind legs back on the ground when she reached the concrete path.

The video, posted this week, has already racked up more than 616,000 views on the app, with one person joking: “Me when I get new shoes.”

Another added: “Italian greyhounds are the biggest divas and I love them for it.”

A third suggested: “Your dog can be in the gymnastics Olympics.”

And Nelli isn’t the only pup who could give an Olympian a run for their money.

A golden retriever called Riley was also said to rival gymnastics ‘greatest of all time’ Simone Biles for his impressive roly polys.

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The one-year-old pup showed off his roly polys on TikTok, trying to grab his tail with his mouth, managing to flip himself over in the process, becoming his signature party trick.

Another golden, called Willow, fancied dressage herself, copying the horses as she watched the Tokyo Olympics last year.

As one of the competing horses trotted around the arena, Willow sat front and centre of the TV set watching intently before lifting her paw up to have a go herself.

In a head to head swim, seven-time Olympic gold medallist Caeleb Dressel raced his black Labrador in the pool, and nearly claimed his gold medals for herself.

The Labrador, called Jane, could be seen perched on the edge of the starting block before leaping into the water after the American swimmer.

Jane – who often appears on her owner’s social media – swam after a red dog toy held by Dressel, who swims backwards away from the paddling pup in the cute clip.