Can tumble dryer sheets sort your hair out?

The hack
Flyaway hairs, parched locks and static strands? A retro revival courtesy of TikTok suggests tumble dryer (yes, really) could be the remedy.

The promise
This cheap, at-home hack could turn a sad hair day into a joyful one. But is smelling like laundry worth it?

The test
There’s nothing like a trend from your teens being hailed as a “new” hair miracle to make you feel ancient. Unbelievably, the science behind this hack makes sense. Tumble dried sheets are positively charged, and our hair negatively charged, so the sheets help eliminate static hair – and the conditioner in the sheets smooths it down. The method is delightfully simple. Before heading on a night out, I took a dryer sheet and glided it down my hair for instant smoothing. I even stowed one in my bag, and three margaritas later was rubbing it on anyone in my path. But as a friend noted, they do make you smell like fabric softener. When I tried it again, hungover the next day, I felt the conditioner from the sheet rubbing off on my hands like a slightly greasy, “meadow fresh” film.

The verdict
I can’t deny this works. But sadly, the sheets are mostly non-biodegradable. Try a tiny bit of hair moisturiser instead, like Aveda Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizing Treatment (£29.50), which smoothes and defeats static – without making you smell like a laundry basket.