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Some Safety Equipment for Welders

Electric shock, smoke, gas poisoning, fire, explosion, burns caused by exposure to hot metals, exposure to ultraviolet rays, noise and some other causes … are the dangerous accidents that welding workers often have. face to face. Therefore, protective equipment plays a very important role in the working process of workers. Some safety equipment for the welder  should have sufficient, including: […]


Mark and Chris combine diverse talents and trusted experiences in manufacturing, branding, architecture and urban planning. Together they create a formidable leadership team to transform the way we build. TMBER TEAM TEAM OF TMBER: Let’s commoditize CLT, so sustainable, carbon zero developments sprout efficient economic development in cities. Let’s have developments espouse creativity, health, a […]


TMBER delivers ecological building solutions with CLT for a global market. GARDEN TOWER With world population set to top ten billion by 2050 and a 75 percent living in cities, vertical farming can be a key enabler to nourish an increasingly urbanized society. Besides allowing farming to be transformed vertically imagine how many green spaces […]


The construction industry consumes 40% world resources and is a major cause of pollution and related health concerns. We intend to change that. TMBER was created to transform the way we think about building. In a smart, modern, ecological way. DEMAND FOR HOUSING Factors of Urban Stress Urbanization accounts for 54% of the world’s population […]


TMBER actively designs branded cross-laminated timber panels (CLT) in distinctive architectural sequences to enable diverse and dynamic housing solutions that are available on-demand so resources and costs are conserved. TMBER creates buildings that intermingle with nature to demonstrate a good life in great communities can be built by a carbon zero process. TMBER CLT Cross […]

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